Rise and shine!

This new blog is inspired by that of my professional colleague and fellow American Philosophy-enthusiast Mitchell Aboulafia, whose UP@NIGHT blog I admire and enjoy… but whose night-owl predilection I do not share. I’m a morning person, and this is an experimental blog all of whose posts will be conceived and published ante-meridian and most typically in the pre-dawn.  (I will continue to publish the bulk of my post-sunrise reflections at my old venue, Delight Springs.)

Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Rise and shine!”

  1. Mitchell Aboulafia Says:

    Thank you for the kind words about UP@NIGHT! I certainly wish you well with your new blog. (And I will set up a link on my site.) After all, the world should be big enough for both night owls and early birds.

    But forget not that we night owls are the oppressed, struggling for survival. We need a movement to get us our day in the sun. (Or is it the night in the moon?) All you early birds have to do is relish the morning and praise it. Perhaps I am missing something….

  2. osopher Says:

    Only what we all miss about one another: the rich, only partly-communicable inner state of being the one who loves (or hates) the dawn (etc.) in that particular fashion… but I’m sure the world’s big enough for all of us. I’m not seeking a movement, just motion. Thanks for the link and the response, Mitch!

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