The gift of now

PhilosophersNotes sells digital audio downloads, frequently of philosophical interest (though sometimes too far out on a New Age ledge, from my pov). I subscribe to their daily “Big Idea” email feed. Yesterday’s was a very helpful and timely reminder from an old dead Stoic to take one step, one moment, one day at a time, and not to rush ahead of myself:

marcus_aurelius“Never confuse yourself by visions of an entire lifetime at once…remember that it is not the weight of the future or the past that is pressing upon you, but ever that of the present alone…. To live each day as though one’s last, never flustered, never apathetic, never attitudinizing–here is the perfection of character.” ~ Marcus Aurelius from Meditations

That reminded me of one of my favorite John Dewey quotes:

“We always live at the time we live and not at some other time, and only by extracting at each presentdewey stamp time the full meaning of each present experience are we prepared for doing the same thing in the future.”— John Dewey (Experience And Education)

Or, as E. likes to say: yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet, today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present….which is why education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living. Be here now.


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  1. Sabina Weiand Says:

    Hi there may I reference some of the content from this blog if I provide a link back to your site?

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