Henry WorksMy favorite D.B. Johnson “Henry” book, Henry Works (the first was Henry Hikes to Fitchburg)… Henry, a bear modeled on Thoreau,  spends much of his day “walking to work.” In the process he raises eyebrows, and the suspicions of his neighbors that he’s unambitious. His work, of course, is writing, and like his namesake his ambitions are great. He yearns to do good and important work, to “front essential facts” and live.

I mention it as a service to fans of children’s books and of  New England Transcendentalism, and because the thought of  it is inspirational and motivating for me. It’s a reminder that fulfilling, meaningful work, though often difficult, and requiring an extended, occasionally arduous investment of time and toil, is  a journey worth taking. Good work may be hard but, in mind of yesterday’s post topic, it should not be an obstacle to fun. Work and fun (and play), in a deliberately-composed life, are  mutually sustaining. Henry meant to live deliberately (remember, it’s why he went to the woods in the first place).

And: I, too, do my best work after walking to it. Time to go.henry works2

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