Out of the box

Young Leonard Cohen (reports Sasha Frere-Jones) said “I haven’t a single concern” but to ask himself each dawn if he’s waking in “a state of grace.” If no? Back to bed.

That’s a clue to Emerson’s cryptic statement about the days being gods. The (idealized) best ones are independent, creative, without trivial concern, unencumbered by the errors and follies of their predecessors. Not a bad way to try and be.

Another very nice line in Frere-Jones’ Cohen piece: “On [Jeff] Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah‘ the verse melodies ascend, and the open-throated singing transforms the chorus into a kind of earnest incantation that the songwriter probably wouldn’t attempt himself. Cohen may sing about transcendence, but he seems never to fully endorse it.” I’m down with that too.

pandora(BTW: the “Pandora” virtual radio app put together a superb Cohen “station” for me on the Touch last night. How is it that everyone else, including my technologically-disinterested spouse, already knew about Pandora? What else have I been missing?!)

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