Plato loves play-dough

My sister always sends the best birthday cards…

Speaking of Plato, on Valentine’s Day: his Symposium is one of the great treatises on love, but he ends up taking it too far in the wrong direction, towards impersonal and universal love of Being and the Form of Beauty, and away from tangible human-to-human connection.

But he was right, romantic interpersonal love (for all its splendors) is a relatively short-term and incomplete experience.  We should cultivate many varieties, including love for our progeny and our species. (A fun and breezy survey of some of the varieties of love, btw, is in Chris Phillips’ valentine to his favorite dead philosopher Socrates in Love.)

One of the best forms (lower-case), available to us all (not just the materially wealthy, Katherine Fulton points out) is philanthropy.  Can you picture your portrait on your great-grandchildren’s wall in 100 years? What will you give them?

How nice, to wake to this iHome podcast  on this very morning:

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