beauty way

Speaking of Chris Phillips: one of his “Socrates Cafe”-style gatherings, recounted in Six Questions of Socrates, is with a group of Navajo. An elderly woman comments on the ancient concept of hozho, a kind of harmony not unlike Socratic virtue.

“The most important thing, in order to have hozho, is that you must ‘walk in Beauty. Every morning before sunrise, you must run toward the sun to greet the day. This is the Beauty Way. If you run toward the sacred sun, if you greet and embrace it as it rises, you are blessed with a new beginning, a new chance for hozho.”

I’m just sitting here, as the sun eclipses the tree-line (or would be, if it weren’t so cloudy this morning), but it feels like a beautiful run. Or walk. We all have to take beauty at our own pace.


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