My unpaid research assistant sent me a curious piece from the Huffington Post, most of which (I told him) is too slippery for me to hold.  Maybe it’s just too deep. Or too shallow. But it’s still provocative and worth trying to hold for a moment.

Its author, a Dr. Lanza, is (I gather) trying to blunt the sting of our mortality by over-interpreting Einstein’s famous statement that “the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Thus, when we die, he says, time for us simply re-boots.

Nice try. But  (I told D.) from where you and I sit it is a practical inevitability that we will and must situate ourselves as temporal beings. Einstein’s perspective is transcendent in a way we can only glimpse intermittently, we really can’t live in its light. Or I can’t, anyway. I’m too simple for Dr. Lanza’s simple re-booting.

And, I wonder:

What can it mean to have a frame of reference but no consciousness to know it in? The frame is an adaptation of consciousness… or, consciousness is our species’ way of adapting to its temporality? Or… something. We are indeed in the deep end, here. Worth pondering, but I prefer not to stray too far from the dry land of familiar conceptions of experience, time, and living.

Call me stubbornly persistent, then. I can live with that. For now.

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