Sergio Franzese (1963-2010)

A sad note arrived yesterday.

IN MEMORIAM: Our friend and colleague Sergio Franzese, Assistant Professor at the University of Lecce (Italy) died from cancer on May 26th.

Sergio was one of the most active William James scholars in Europe. He obtained a PhD in philosophy from the University of Pisa and one from Vanderbilt University. His work covered pragmatism, the philosophy of Nietzsche as well as a variety of other fields.

His two most recent books bear the titles Darwinismo e Pragmatismo and The Ethics of Energy: William James’ Moral Philosophy in Focus. Other works can be found on his personal website.

We will remember Sergio not only for his writings, but also as a person. He had a keen mind, warm heart, and energetic spirit. He will be greatly missed.

I read a manuscript for Sergio, and once shared a hotel room with him in Milwaukee at one of our Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy conferences. Two impertinent memories and one important lesson linger from that occasion: he thought American TV was hilarious and preposterous, giggling into the wee hours over some stupid late late movie; and he luxuriated in the opportunity to steam in a hot shower on the hotel’s dime. The lesson: don’t miss the joy in life’s small and fleeting pleasures, don’t take them for granted. He didn’t.

I suppose if any of us is too young to go, we all are. But he had so much more to contribute, he leaves so much for us to honor in his memory, in our own work and lives.

Addio vecchio amico. Farewell, old friend.


7 Responses to “Sergio Franzese (1963-2010)”

  1. Sarin Says:

    I am in deep sorrow for this news. I’ve never met Sergio in person, but lately we’ve had many intercontinental phone conversation and mail exchanges about our respective work and about James. I regret I had not the chance to discuss them lively, thing we’ve planned to to at my coming back from the States soon. I owe him many words of encouragement and advices for my researches.
    Sarin Marchetti

  2. Eva Cappellini Says:

    I was released reading these notes and remebering about Sergio and I thank who opened this page. It gave me back a little sense of reality in this somber event.
    Sergio was a friend, I dare to say. We weren’t colleagues, even if I have a philosophical background. Anyway, this was maybe not the point; he looked above all for genuinity in human relations, in their superficial as well as their deeper aspects: this is something hard to find, and to give also, sometimes. I met him fifteen years ago: during a period, when he was in the States, we liked a lot writing emails each other; he was very rapid in writing, while I am not. Sometimes near, sometimes far; meeting him was one of these rare gifts you cannot really merit, just say thank you. I will remember.
    Good bye, dear friend. Ti saluto per sempre.

  3. Caterina Beneduce Says:

    Thank you for this page dedicated to Sergio and Federica, his dearest friend, who gave me the opportunity to read it!
    I met Sergio in October ’09 and I lived by phone any time of his journey to “Breathless” .
    Gentle, kind, considerate … even in his state of suffering, vigilant until the last day.
    A mind and a passion scathing philosophical Directed priceless … but basically almost never wrong in claims Nos!
    I was able to in person! He lived to the end … has touched and felt the taste of the earth … has touched my heart and nn forget what he gave me and what I took was worth it because you loved him and then he cried .
    After his death things have happened that have shed light on what Sergio has left and believe me … you can not explain in words … Sergio … to him who loved cats and cuddle him …
    that over time the brain had a big heart and that despite all the pain and varied …
    has never ceased to love.
    To him, my heart …

  4. Caterina Says:

    Grazie per questa pagina dedicata a Sergio e a Federica,
    la sua più cara amica,dall’infanzia…
    che mi ha dato l’opportunità di scoprirla e leggerla!
    Ho incontrato Sergio nel mese di ottobre ’09
    ed ho vissuto telefonicamente ogni momento del suo viaggio…
    dalla speranza alla certezza…dalla sofferenza dignitosa alla dolorosa consapevolezza.
    Uomo dignitoso,dolce, gentile, premuroso …
    anche nel suo stato di sofferenza, vigile fino all’ultimo giorno.
    Imtelligenza graffiante e passione filosofica inestimabile …
    questo hanno scritto di lui i colleghi ed amici nel giorno della sua morte…
    il venerdì 21maggio c.a.
    Ha vissuto fino alla fine con la passione di scrivere ed ultimare un manuale…
    ha toccato e sentito il sapore della terra fino poi arrivare in cielo…
    ha toccato il mio cuore e nn dimentico ciò che mi ha dato
    ed il mio bene che l’ha accarezzato…
    è valsa la pena amarlo fino in fondo e poi aver pianto.
    Dopo la sua morte, le cose che sono successe hanno fatto gran luce
    su quello che era Sergio:
    ironico,intelligente e come qualcuno ha scritto…aveva il cuore caldo.
    Una casa di ricordi…
    amava i gatti e le fusa…
    un sorriso mentre lo penso…
    nn posso lacrimare,nn gli darei il giusto onore.
    Per lui, il mio cuore … Catherine

  5. LEONARDO Says:

    Sono Leonardo, un antico amico di Sergio, qualcuno può darmi notizie di dove riposa e raccontarmi qualcosa dei suoi ultimi mesi?
    Grazie di cuore

  6. federica Says:

    leonardo sono federica, anche io un’antica amica di sergio se vuoi scrivimi a qs indirizzo
    a presto

  7. John Lachs Says:

    I just found this site celebrating the life of my friend and student, Sergio Franzese. He had philosophical insight and personal presence. His loss touches all of us—he had so much more to give. I’ll miss you, dear friend.

    John Lachs, Vanderbilt Univcersity

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