The day began with a glitch, with an unexpected visit from the exterminator. Not a big deal really, but troublesome at the time. A reminder that surprise can rise up out of mundane everyday life and throw you an unpleasant curve. (Details unimportant, but the drama centered on how to apply the rule about letting “strangers” in the house etc.)

But then the day got a lot better. We had some great family time out at the local water park, where the new wave pool and “lazy river” attractions have dispersed the crowd just  enough so that you don’t have to scuffle for a shady spot to stow your stuff.  Then, dinner with Younger Daughter at our favorite faux-Asian eatery, followed by an agreeable On Demand movie about treasure-seeking, culminating in her bedtime observation that it had been one of the best Dad-and-Daughter days ever. A day and a moment to treasure, for real.

[BTW: I was on digital holiday a week ago, so didn’t mention here the terrific Dad-and-Daughter night out with Older Daughter, at the old ballpark. Another warm summer snapshot worth storing.]

Last time we went to a wave pool, a few years ago, it was so hot and crowded you felt like a sardine bobbing in a jostled tin.

Last time we were in real waves, last month, there was real menace and unpredictability in the surf’s indifferent violence. I confess I found myself literally over my head and at sea, at least once. Very real, not very much fun.

Yesterday’s faux experience, controlled and monitored, was much nicer. And it was real, too. Faux real. Real enough.

The moral for me is to take our treasures where we find them. It’s not exactly “your mind that makes it real,” Morpheus. But, how we think about small events and moments, how we tell the stories of our days, is precisely what makes them worth treasuring. And blogging about.


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