deathly hallow

What’s a “deathly hallow”? I don’t know, but I think I now know how it feels. I was Older Daughter’s (and her friend’s) 3 a.m. taxi, after the new Harry Potter premier let out. Going back to bed was probably a mistake.

She was so excited just before midnight, tweeting “Moments away from heading off to the #deathlyhallows premier!! I’m dressed as a Ravenclaw student despite being an avid Gryffindor.”

Her 3 a.m. review was a bit mixed. Films based on books almost never live up to expectations, especially when you’ve read the book multiple times and committed large chunks of it to memory. But those college students I heard sure loved it, and are already mourning the death of childhood the last installment apparently will symbolize for them.

It was a big night for Younger Daughter, too. She and her friend got on stage at the choral concert to sing “Love Song” before a packed auditorium. They were great.

And I’m trying to remind myself: “morning is when I’m awake and there’s a dawn in me.” Right.

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