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December 13, 2010
“The best thoughts come only while walking.
That was  Nietzsche’s most insightful thought ever, and it came back to me in response to Andy Clark’s  “Out of Our Brains.”  He concludes with a line from the Pixies:

Where is my mind?
Way out in the water, see it swimming

Mine is regularly out on the street or the trail, perambulating.
Plenty of worthless thoughts come while walking too, but I’m convinced the ratio is better on shank’s mare. For sure, most of us spend more than enough time “in our heads.”  All of us do, in my line of work. The cabinet of consciousness is suffocating, and mind likes to wander.
It’s harder, on snowy days like this. The first 15 minutes  can be daunting, but eventually a rewarding thought always comes that wouldn’t have, to the sedentary Thinker.
So I’m going back out there, before the well runs dry again.
Postscript. Andy Clark responds to comments, most of which focus on a different angle entirely: the distributed, networked variety of “mind” our external devices might represent.