Two last final exams today, then to more grading.

[NOTE TO STUDENTS: please don’t email to ask about grades this weekend. They’ll be posted early next week.]

Yesterday’s was about as fine a final exam session as I could ever ask for, in FoL.

Matthew, Kayla, Eric, Marie, Jason, and Paul did excellent final presentations, the dominant/convergent theme of which was education. Not “accountable” and “standardized” education but the humane and imaginative kind that will give back to children and adults alike the dream-space of childhood. Our future depends on it.

And then, Harrison generously proffered the perfect gift (scroll to the linked postscript) on behalf of the entire class. Thank you! It’s wonderful, and so was your attentive and active participation in this class all semester long.

I’m so grateful our final note was one of generosity and hope. You guys really restored my confidence in our future. In yours. It’s looking like a “glorious dawn,” indeed.

Ad astra, kids!

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