lurching along

There: grades finally all submitted, to the best of my modest abilities, just as the late winter dawn splashes the sky a pleasing mix of orange and magenta.

The attempt to fend off breathless student queries and complaints over the long weekend with an advance request to wait ’til all were posted was, as expected, futile. I’ll begin answering them later. In the meantime: relax, kids. If I’ve made a mistake with your grade I’ll change it. If I haven’t, you’ll find that you can live with it. “Our errors are surely not such awfully solemn things…”

It would be nice to hear occasionally, for a change, from those who are pleasantly surprised by their grades. There should be many, I really am a very charitable (though fallible) evaluator.

We started our semester later this year, I don’t recall going this deep into December before turning the page and beginning to wait ’til next year. Guess I have to start thinking about doing my part for the holiday economy. Ho ho ho.

Kids are also out, of course, so I’ll be running the taxi. Younger Daughter’s already asked for a trip to the dog park.

May be riding shotgun in the Driver’s Ed training vehicle too. Older Daughter wanted to know the church parking lot’s speed limit. Too fast, is all I know. She also asked if my car– she imagines it’ll be hers soon– “lurches.” We’ll find out.


3 Responses to “lurching along”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    P.S. Thought I’d share this image I took on my phone while enjoying Logicomix this semester. I was reading and enjoying a beer at Mellow Mushroom. It’s towards the beginning when adult Russell takes his hike into nature. Just an inspirational image initially I thought!

  2. Anonymous Says:

  3. osopher Says:

    Inspiring for sure, and ornamental. A hike followed by a beer sounds pretty good to me! Thanks for the note.

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