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“Native wisdom” is young

May 2, 2011

It’s final exam day in NW. Many final reports are still to be delivered, we’ll need to be uncharacteristically brisk and bizness-like. Not so voluble. Time is of the essence. (There’s talk of a “pot luck,” bring it if you’ve got it.)

I’ve learned lots of “native wisdom” this semester, and have been buoyed to realize how passionately so many young people care about  the fate of our Earth. They believe our choices matter. I believe their wisdom will make a difference. We have a future.

Thus reassured, I’m ready to turn my attention once again in the Fall to Happiness 101 (this time flying under the banner “Happiness and the Secret of Life”).

So, one more time: mitakuye oyasin. We’re all related on this pale blue dot, we need to look after one another and after Gaia. I’m confident the Spring ’11 students of Environmental Ethics & Native Wisdom will show us how. Happy Mother’s Day.

Let’s have our last word of native wisdom from Ed Chigliac‘s friend Marilyn Whirlwind, who reminds us that Eagle didn’t always soar. The answer’s blowin’ in the wind, stop talking and you’ll hear: that’s her advice to an over-loquacious Mama, and maybe to some philosophers we know.

Eagle’s flight says it all? No. But it says plenty. “As long as one continues talking, intellectualism remains in undisturbed possession of the field. The return to life can’t come about by talking.”

And that’s what I know about native wisdom. Take care of your Mother, she’s the only one you’ve got.