roads to freedom

In a silly mood this morning, for some reason. Speaking of J-P Sartre’s Roads to Freedom, 

Marie was noting, in connection with yesterday’s SOL discussion of the Dalai Lama and the question of emptiness at the core of human existence, that Sartre wrote (and wrote and wrote) of “the desire to be good…or if you prefer the desire to be god”…

Well, as Woody Allen said: I gotta model myself after someone.

Sartre was wordy. Did anyone ever write more about Nothingness? But he was very terse when Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion crossed the channel to ask him about freedom.

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One Response to “roads to freedom”

  1. Marie Says:

    Wordy and sort of deceiving in his rhetoric. the desire to be god can have a strange connotation. I guess it was appropriate for his time, but for now I like his being in-itself-for-itself. Afterall, that’s really what he means by god as we know it, right? Most people that believe in a god believe his/her existence preceded an essence. He implies we strive for this state of simple being in and of itself reminiscent to the concept of god, as opposed to being for all sorts of extrinsic motivators commonly associated with the reasons we give to live. In light of Buddhist thought, these extrinsic motivators disappear when we live only out of our natural right to live and to love.

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