Thanksgiving 2011’s rainbow

Something else for the gratitude list: the return of the Muppets, still seeking the rainbow connection. (We continued our Black Friday family tradition yesterday, of hitting the multiplex instead of the mall.) The new guy learned an important lesson about self-confidence.  “Rainbows are visions, but only illusions” – Don’t believe it, Walter. I hope the kids were listening too.

As a Happy Pragmatist I tend not to make Ingratitude Lists, though I do think about how to ameliorate the sources of ingratitude in our lives in the future. Still haven’t come up with a good solution for voluble Country Cousin, always the most obnoxiously inescapable pietist in the room and (of course) always called on to bless the turkey. At least I can be grateful not to have to deal with him again soon. Paraphrasing one of the Muppets, we get to wait “almost a whole year” before we’re again obliged to grin and bear the misplaced gratitude of people we regret but can’t avoid or challenge without violating rigid social proprieties.

I am sincerely grateful, though, to have made it through the entire day without laying eyes on a single down of football. And I’m grateful as always for pie.



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