“When I Think”

The concluding snippet of Robert Creeley‘s lovely poem about time’s paradoxical presence in passing. Reminds me of Blake, Beatles (“In My Life”), Santayana, Spinoza, Einstein, Nietzsche, Bill Murray…

When I try to think of things, of what’s happened, of what a life is and was, my life, when I wonder what it meant, the sad days passing, the continuing, echoing deaths, all the painful, belligerent news, and the dog still waiting to be fed, the closeness of you sleeping, voices, presences, of children, of our own grown children, the shining, bright sun, the smell of the air just now, each physical moment, passing, passing, it’s what it always is or ever was, just then, just there. WA

Happy Memorial Day weekend. May your memories of it recur pleasantly, too.

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2 Responses to ““When I Think””

  1. source Says:

    Im having a small problem. I cant get my reader to pickup your rss feed, Im using yahoo reader by the way.

  2. osopher Says:

    Thanks for trying. I’m afraid I have no technical expertise in this area, but can tell you that the feed comes through nicely on my “My Yahoo” page. Maybe Yahoo’s FAQ section can help with this, I’ll look into it.

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