Far from the madding crowds

Back from several of Florida’s various  Faux-worlds, where the Magic Kingdom on the 4th was aglut with humans from every corner of the globe.  Most of them seemed to be having more fun than I, most of the time, many wandering with grotesquely bloodied turkey legs in hand. But I did enjoy the animatronic hall of presidents. Good to see Obama up there. Epcot’s animatronic Franklin and Twain were kinda nice too. Best thing about Epcot: the food and the beer, and the relative dearth of crowds. The Spaceship Earth ride was a nice little fantasy too.

We did Universal as well. I will confess to enjoying the virtual Harry Potter, Simpsons, and SpiderMan rides.

Did my best to take in the whole experience from the kids’ perspective and not that of a grumpy old cynic. “Please watch your children,” as the ride recordings said. I do remember my first trip to Anaheim in the ’60s. No need to shatter every illusion all at once.

So that’s done, and here we are again in the sweltering mid-south. It finally rained here last night, and my back porch is again a pleasant morning perch.

But I’m still vacating, this month. Just checking in, before checking out again. As the latest Stone post (citing Bruce Chatwin) reminds, nomadism is an inveterate impulse in our species. “We take a vacation, not so much to discover a new landscape, but to find respite from our current one.” Well, respite is welcome in any form. A single perch, or porch, does not suffice. And I can still use a break, far from the madding magic-mongering crowds.


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