Non semper erit aestas

“It will not always be summer.”

No, it won’t. August used to still be summer. Not anymore, around here. The public schools are back in full swing, and Younger Daughter eagerly stuffed & decorated her locker yesterday too.  For me, it’s time to draft those syllabi and begin facing my own perennial return to what we curiously agree to call reality.

But no regrets, except the obvious one: that we each have but one life to give etc. And just when I felt like I was starting to make a little headway on Jim Holt’s question, about to join Carlin Romano’s choir, about to send WJ up a fictional alt-universe Mt. Marcy

But it’s also a good time to recall that summer’s at least as much a state of mind as it is a break in the academic calendar. To everything, turn turn turn. Not only is there a season, there’s also time to move forward at a suitably human pace. I went to sleep meditating on that thought last night, and will continue.

Solvitur ambulando.


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