A walk in the park

Had a productive day at the desk yesterday, knocking out syllabi, laying summer to rest, and (the real kicker) not minding. So glad I’m still capable of enjoying the tedious process of plotting a semester’s daily grind. Might as well, those who don’t enjoy it are called “burnouts.”

But credit where due, that was preceded by an uplifting walk-&-ride at Centennial Park. Since the girls started back to school I’ve been driving right by it all week, yesterday I decided to stop. Why do I forget how much fun it is just being there? When I taught at Vandy years ago, across the street, I brought Intro classes over to talk about the Greeks in Zeus’s & Athena’s shadows. Perfect backdrop for the kind of imaginative flight of mind I’m always trying to walk into.

So after circling this icon I hopped on the bike and pedaled up to this spot, where they really should have located our Parthenon in the first place.

That’s a dogpark beyond the fence, behind a plaque commemorating the dogwoods that were planted here in April 1917. Another good backdrop.

I don’t disagree with Proust’s sidewalk wisdom about our greater need for new eyes, than new landscapes. But yesterday’s walk-&-bike reminded me not to overlook the good old landscapes right under my nose.



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