Saturday morning humanism

Awoke to these fine words of the great humanist Erasmus. (Desiderius Erasmus, not “Erasmus B. Draggin.” With the Magliozzi’s lamented departure I must take my Saturday morning wisdom where I find it.)

Why should I desire a temple when the whole world is my temple? Nor can I want priests but in a land where there are no men… And therefore there is no reason why I should envy the rest of the gods if in particular places they have their particular worship, and that too on set days—as Phoebus at Rhodes; at Cyprus, Venus; at Argos, Juno; at Athens, Minerva; in Olympus, Jupiter… so long as the world in general performs me every day much better sacrifices.

Of course, every temple has corners in need of attention, renovation, or replacement. But I’d have to concur, on balance the  world “’tis a goodly one” much of the time.

And so I’ve not “wasted another perfectly good hour…”


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