Stay creative

It was High School Parents Night last night. This was tacked to the locker of a kid for & from whom I predict great things:

Why 33, and why these items precisely? Not important. What’s important is this youngster’s public intention (shared by many many others, a quick web scan reveals) to pursue what Jennifer Michael Hecht calls a “graceful-life philosophy.” Such seekers “don’t need answers and don’t need much stuff, we just need to figure out the best way to live.” They’re the ones who have the most fun, finish the most somethings, and learn to enjoy not just arriving at a destination but getting there. They write, they move, they laugh, they learn, they collaborate (#15). They find the nectar in the journey. Aristotle would say they’re happy.


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2 Responses to “Stay creative”

  1. Rohan Patel Says:

    i agree positive people will attract other positive people. also its not about where your going but how you get there and who you met along the way and the weird turn of events which is also protracted in many modern day adventure movies.

  2. osopher Says:

    And negative people attract their like, too. But I don’t think they typically enjoy one another’s company as much!

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