The fertile time

Zwischenzeit. That’s another way to say “the nectar’s in the journey,” and more fuel for my growing obsession with the bicycle.

Danish philosopher Steen Nepper Larsen writes, in Cycling-Philosophy for Everyone:

The mobility of the bicycle reminds us much more of the old dream of being as free as a bird in the sky than a trip on the discounted economy expressway that commodifies our experiences. The freedom of the road contains much more than the modern, “creative,” self-managed workplace and is much richer than the freedom to consume… Below the helmet one is happy to enjoy what other people might consider to be empty and dead commuting time to be traveled at the speed of light, while moving from destination A to destination B. The biker knows that the road taken is more important than the goal. It’s no fun getting there if the getting there is deprived of quality and lacks adventures. The Germans have an expression for this fertile time-in-between: Zwischenzeit. [Utne]

Of course it’s easy to enthuse about cycling in this season, at this latitude, when it’s dry and the temperature range is perfectly temperate (60s to 80s Fahrenheit). How fertile and free will 18 wet and windy mph feel in November? That’s probably when I’ll redouble my lifelong commitment to the virtues of pedestrianism. To everything, turn turn turn

But right now, I’m still on a roll.



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