Needy people

How about that game last night! I don’t mean Cards-Nats or O’s-Yanks, I mean Biden-Ryan. Seems like everybody live-tweets these things now. Everything’s a circus, I wonder if we really are (in the late Neil Postman‘s memorable phrase) finally amusing ourselves to death. But I don’t have time to think about that…

It’s 5 am, the rain is pattering outside my window, and all through the house– normally so blessedly quiet and still at this hour, a big reason why I love to be up@dawn– creatures are stirring. They’re all up. We’re treating Older Daughter to an early birthday present, in the form of an early flight to Carolina to see her favorite band.


Mom’s going too. Younger Daughter’s riding along to the airport, in hopes of grabbing bonus bagels or pancakes before school. And as usual, I’m just their Driver.

Speaking of bagels, though, here’s something I’d reflect on if it weren’t time to start our engine. A comment recently overheard at Brueggers: “Oh no, I almost forgot my phone and my coffee. The only two things I truly need!”

It struck me as a funny thing to say. Then it struck me as all too true.  We all only think we need thneeds, too.

And now they’re all calling for their ride. So needy.


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