Dreams, trolleys, violins, veils, & art

Barely four bleary hours since concession & acceptance. Is it Morning in America yet?

Maybe. But it’s definitely thought experiment day in CoPhi with Philippa Foot’s runaway trolley, Judith Thomson‘s unwanted violinist, and  John Rawls‘ Veil of Ignorance in LH, and Derek Matravers on art in PB.

What’s the point of thought experiments? To “trigger our awareness of conflicts between judgments that we previously held in combination” and “open up new conversations.” And they’re fun. [Philosophy ExperimentsWhat is a thought experiment?… Nozick’s Experience Machine… Top TenPhilSciXphi]

We’re still rebuilding the dream with Van Jones in EEA. And in America. Can’t quite echo the President’s “never more hopeful” line, but look there: the sun is coming out. Bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow. Don’t stop thinking about it.


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