“Did we invent God?”

Nice eclectic batch of final report presentations in CoPhi yesterday, with plenty of good-natured dissent and controversy.  Just like I like it.

Journey, Landy, & Paul again collaborated effectively, this time with a film interview project inspired by John Cottingham’s “Meaning of Life” PB podcast, and nicely backdropped at our library. They should put it up on YouTube. I was struck by how many of their subjects said they think about the MoL either often or never, and by how many mentioned family, friends, and faith. Only one mentioned 42.

Check out what Jean Kazez has been doing with her MoL class: some meaningful “X-phi.” And the amazing @brainpicker Maria Popova has gathered some thoughts on the subject too.

Edrell’s topic coincided with the Jesus & Mo “spiritual, not religious” cartoon I’d just re-posted, but which he says he’d not seen. His opening line to the class, not my favorite because we all hear it so often from the legions of small-minded hell-bent proselytizers around here: “Are you a Christian?” Not surprisingly, it generated the most heat but possibly too much passion to cast reflective light. If he’d wanted to really toss fire on the flames he might have also asked my question about heaven & hell, and Morgan Freeman’s:

Edrell, like me, considers himself “spiritual, not religious.” Unlike me, he says he doesn’t “have a problem with Judeo-Christianity” or think there’s “anything wrong with it.” There’s a huge problem, though (to mention just one) with the Hebrew Bible, accurately described by Steve Pinker as “one long celebration of violence.” If you thought the GOP had a problem with talking about rape… In the “good book” and in the “holy land” it was

seen as an offense not against the woman but against a man-the woman’s father, her husband,   or in the case of a slave, her owner. Moral and legal systems all over the world codified rape in ways. Rape is the theft of a woman’s virginity from her husband. Rapists can redeem themselves by buying their victim as a wife. Women are culpable for being raped. Rape is a perquisite…

And so it goes on, and on, and on. I say it’s time we shut that whole thing down.

Slightly less controversial was Kendall’s excellent report on human cloning, which also took us “through the wormhole.”

Michelle made me want to see Life of Pi, and Markethia made Marilyn Monroe sound like a philosopher.

Only parts of us will ever
touch only parts of others –
one’s own truth is just that really — one’s own truth.
We can only share the part that is understood by within another’s knowing acceptable to
the other — therefore
 so one
is for most part alone.
As it is meant to be in
evidently in nature — at best though perhaps it could make
our understanding seek
another’s loneliness out.

Rachel even made Aquaman interesting, without donning a costume.

Humans are inventive. Glad there are more of these to come next week!


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