Let us celebrate the season

December’s here! Time to send out Season’s Greetings and holiday cheer. Let’s be jolly.

Ever since Fox invented the “War on Xmas,” though, it’s harder for us secularists to express our universal good will towards humankind, to say precisely what we mean without hypocrisy or duplicity or implied (though unintended) aggression towards theists. “Peace on Earth” has now become a provocation.

The usually-friendly Subway lady on campus tried to pick a fight with me the other day, making an ironic show of mockingly withdrawing her premature “Merry Christmas,” substituting a sarcastic “I mean Happy Holidays!”

So, which card shall I send this year? This one, maybe.


“Let us all hope for the triumph of light, of right and reason, for the victory of fact over falsehood, of science over superstition, and so hoping let us celebrate!”  CFI




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