Plugged in again, ready to greet the dawn

Ah yes, 5 am. It all comes blearily back, calm and bright. Or with bright aspirations, at least.

Two weeks unplugged, without a post or tweet or email (if you sent me one and need a reply, please re-send: I’m resolved to be friends again with the “delete” key). It felt like freedom.

I’m reassured that I can quit this medium at will, when I want to.  Have done it many times, in fact, like the proverbial serial ex-smoker. So I choose to assert my free will by believing I’m no internet addict. The unwired world is still there, I can still find my way back to our ancestral reality-based community of now-frequently-missing information. And what a great place to visit.

In fact, though, it’s a bit unsettling to realize how quickly a constructive habitual daily routine can be undone. I’ve been lounging abed ’til my first glimmering awareness of the dawn, every day of this holiday break, and have been shocked (though only briefly) by my own lassitude. Will is a tenuous construction.

But it’s over now, the girls are back in school today and I’m back at my desk in the dim light of a lovely pre-dawn crescent moon.

And it’s good to be here, to snag whatever reflections may happen to break my way in 2013. Not going to force it, and I’m even resolved to sit some days in “radio” silence, unplugged again, with only an open file and ruled notebook for company.

But I’m ready. Alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic, calm, caffeinated, seeking more light.

2 Responses to “Plugged in again, ready to greet the dawn”

  1. Doug Bruns Says:

    Glad to have you back.

  2. osopher Says:

    Well thanks!

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