All this must pass

Two news items from yesterday hold my attention this rainy morning: the death of journalist Richard Ben Cramer, and the rising star status of my city (“Nashville Takes Its Turn in the Spotlight”).

What has one to do with the other? Just the obvious Stoic point, I guess: all this shall pass soon enough, and sooner if you’re imprudent and reckless. That goes for people and places alike.

Nashville’s alleged imprudence is neglecting education, giving outsized tax breaks to health care giants, ¬†catering to tourists and the music biz while slighting the basic needs of ordinary citizens.

True or not, I’ll agree that this is a fun place to be right now… even for those of us who fall outside the Venn diagram overlap of conservative Christians and hipsters. This city is indeed “more progressive on social issues than Tennessee as a whole.” That’s a pretty low bar to clear.

And I’ll agree in spirit with Teddy Ballgame. Ted Williams told the 35 year-old Cramer that “smokin’s the WORST goddamn thing you could do!” Mr. Cramer died at 62, apparently a victim of lung cancer.



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