Spring Break dawns

It’s always good to come home, even after the best of trips. Better still, coming home to Spring Break. Yesterday topped 70 here, on a day I began in the cold and misty dark, scraping heavy frost from the windows of my rented Malibu near the sea in Jersey. The drive to Philly was easy, the company of my Michigan friends was a delight. (Navigating the Philly airport is another story.) But a direct two hour flight and another time change had me home safe and sound before noon. Hauled out the hammock later and yielded to its charms.

Today, rain. But as Jimmy says, holiday’s more a state of mind than of the weather. Take it when and how you can. Pace Santayana, it’s ok to be “hopelessly in love with Spring”-just don’t take “Spring” too literally. I do try to love all the changing seasons, but this is the change I really seem to need most.

So, though I failed to fulfill my best intentions this morning by not sleeping in another hour, Up@dawn will take a break too. My ambitious goals this week: stay in bed past dawn’s early light at least once,  and don’t post here again until the green beer’s gone.

Happy Spring!

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