Take me out to the… prom?

Walked past Vandy’s Hawkins Field yesterday and noticed that they’d be hosting my undergrad alma mater Mizzou this weekend. Didn’t make it out last night, Older Daughter’s softball doubleheader in Columbia (on the other side of a soul-destroying traffic jam on I-65) had us out too late.  Arrived at last, as the sun lowered over Zion’s bucolic country ballpark carved out of the cornfields as in Field of Dreams. We weren’t in time for her near-homer in the first game (reported by Uncle D.) but did get to enjoy her pair of  crushed line drives & ribbies in the second.

She’s too hard on herself, though, later recapping the action by recalling instead a pair of inconsequential Ks against a tough pitcher. We must all continually learn and recall the lessons of positive psychology, and as parents (& teachers) we must continually teach them. We write our own narratives, let’s not bury the happy leads.

So, Commies & Tigers this afternoon maybe? But I’m told the senior prom, which in my day involved parents only minimally and grudgingly, would likely monopolize our afternoon and early evening. Have to see the kids, all gussied up in their formal-wear, get formally “presented.”

Oh well. Wasn’t really sure who I was going to root for at The Hawk anyway. I know who I’m rooting for at the prom.


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