Lachs, Locke, “Lost,” & lawn

Another very fine round of final report presentations on Tuesday: Chloe on food, Trevor on technology, Dave on morality, Celecita on the Wizard of Oz, Matthew on House, Jade on Camus, and (for sentimental reasons) my favorite: Khalid’s testimonial to John Lachs.

What an unexpected (yet ideal) illustration of Stoic Pragmatism Khalid came up with, using Lost‘s “John Locke” first to show us how to chill like a Stoic and then act decisively like a Pragmatist.

But the most memorable image from the last day of April was my colleague and his class, out on the lawn:


In the age of MOOCs, it’s important to remember how special it is to sit with your class in the open air in the Spring. “Brick & mortar,” grass & sunshine… it’s still real. You can’t do this online, and you don’t want to.


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