Screen Free

It was the last day of class, before finals. We squeezed in a slew of reports in Bioethics: Tim’s on fracking (as a public health issue), Jacob’s on a legislator’s idiotic proposal to eliminate peer review as a criterion of federal funding for science, William’s on justice, fairness, & equality, Joshua’s on the misplaced pursuit (not possession) of happiness, Nick’s on the culture of violence (arguably our greatest public health issue), Mike’s on live organ donation, and Caleb’s on hyperparenting. They were all timed and terrific, occasionally even TED-like in their crisp clock-awareness. (I confess I enjoy ringing the bell.) I think I learned something yesterday.


But the big news is from Bell Buckle: Older Daughter smashed a triple over the center fielder’s head (and darn near over the fence) to drive in the tying run late in the game, and then scored the go-ahead. Her team won! They’re in the regionals, playing tomorrow in Donelson. Go Tigers!!

And, coincidentally: it’s “Screen Free Week“… perfect time for me to unplug and get busy grading. Maybe squeeze in a ballgame too, and try to be more like Dan Yaccarino’s free-range robot Doug,”who unplugs himself from his daily download of information to go out and explore the world.”┬áLater.

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