Two doctors

What am I searching for? Not a lost shaker of salt, and not God. I’m searching for a way.

A way to live, a way to love living, a way to let others live and love in their own ways, a way to live in peace and harmony with all other lifeforms on my planet and in my universe. Sounds simple enough. And isn’t that the meaning of life, after all?

To search is to profess optimism that the object being sought may be found. Or at least it’s to express an attitude of meliorism, the confidence that doing one’s bit in the search adds value to living and improves the general lot, while enhancing one’s own well-being .

Walking the planet, or pedaling it, is melioristic. It models a low-impact, highly self-reliant and socially responsible way of living. It declares our “salvation neither inevitable nor impossible” but in the balance, awaiting our actions and attitudes. (Pragmatism VIII, “Pragmatism and Religion”)

It’s also therapeutic, emotionally and physiologically. “I have two doctors, my left leg and my right.” Wouldn’t G.M. Trevelyan be impressed by Michael Milton?


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