They found it

Just got a text from Older Daughter: there yet? “Nope. On our way.”

She and her pals are on the road to Bonnaroo. Wasn’t thinking about there, exactly, when I packed her Seuss box in anticipation of wondrous journeys. “O the places you’ll go,” o the humanity. 100,000 people in a field near Manchester, TN as the mercury heads back toward the mid 90s.  Rustic conditions, minimal amenities, security not entirely reassuring, loud and crowded and HOT. Sound like fun?

How’s a dad supposed to feel, especially after getting a message like this a few moments ago?

“We can’t find Bonnaroo, but we’re in Manchester. Can you look on the website for an address?”

Well, I feel concerned, amused, mildly perturbed. Mom and I have been pushing survival guides and FAQ pages and explicit travel instructions at her for days and weeks.

But, she’s more prepared than she lets on, I know. From the time she was a little girl she’s always delighted in proclaiming “got your goat!” She insisted to Mom that she wouldn’t need earplugs to sleep, then on the sly asked me to pick her some up.  So mom was right after all? “No. This is a just in case. If she’s right, I’ll tell her after…”

Breaking news:

“We found it.”

Good. Guess I can stop worrying now, right?


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