You don’t have to follow me

It’s Opening Day!

Not only that, it’s also my first time in Forrest Hall, the ROTC Building on our campus. (They turned the classroom across the hall in our building into three new offices and a conference room. Must keep reminding myself: Growth and change are good!)

Above the door in FH 203 it says high standards are “ruthlessly enforced.” And on the rear wall it says “Follow Me!”

Perfect excuse to pull out one of my favorite Opening Day routines, from the Pythons:
And, perfect excuse to bring my own “terrible swift sword” prop to class. I’ll brandish it pseudo-savagely, to reinforce Brian’s point that in fact “you don’t have to follow me, you don’t have to follow anybody!” We’re all leaders here, in voicing our own views and giving a respectful hearing to others’ in turn.
And we’re here to wonder, with the whale, what’s next.

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