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No matter how often I remind myself to heed the philosopher J. Buffett‘s wisdom about taking the weather with you, December days like yesterday – balmy, sunny, intermittently gorgeous – get me every time. It didn’t hurt that it was also the last day of classes and that my morning walk was splendid. I was awake to our parting message that, even in apocalyptic times, all the moments of life are worth living when we have goals to chase and happiness to pursue. “We are the lucky ones” really means something, on such days.

 And, a bonus: several students were actually listening this time when again I raised my sword and contradicted the writing on the wall, in our ROTC classroom (in the building named for Tennessee’s favorite racist Civil War hero). They captured the moment. Two stand out:

Thanks James, Chelsea, everyone.
And just in case anyone’s still confused about what I (speaking for my discipline) really meant to reiterate from Day #1 back in August, with that silly demonstration…
“You don’t need to follow me. You don’t need to follow anybody. You’ve got to think for yourselves. You’re all different…”

That even goes for the guy who said he doesn’t like to think about things and doesn’t intend ever to philosophize again. Especially that guy. Like it or not, friend, you’re different too. 

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