Getting back to it

It was Back to School day here yesterday: back to High School for Younger Daughter, back to College for Older Daughter, back to prepping next week’s start of the new “Spring” semester for me.

Parting, always such sweet sorrow. Had to ask OD if she minded our dismantling her big Santa puzzle, the one she kept herself occupied with during the holidays that now occupies a big chunk of our library. “I suppose you have to… but it still sucks to see them go.” No kidding.

How heartwarming then to come home, after hours of solitary hard cold dusky driving, to a big box of books from Oxford!

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Especially love the one at the bottom of the stack, the Guide to Literary Britain & Ireland.

“Down House remains much as it was in Darwin’s lifetime…”

“In Portraits of Places (1883), Henry James writes that Oxford ‘typifies to an American the union of science and sense–of aspiration and awe… [&] lends sweetness to labour and dignity to leisure.'”

We’re still laboring, with sweet delighted anticipation, on that Study Abroad itinerary. But enough holiday leisure, for now. It’s time again for the dignity of work.

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