Philosophy in the rafters

Deja vu, all over again. Almost a week later and it’s another opening day.

This one’s for my two Monday/Wednesday CoPhi sections. A quirk of the calendar, and Monday’s holiday, has us late out of the gate. But let the journey begin, the promised land (aka the month of May) awaits. Meanwhile there’s much fertile philosophical ground to tread.

I’m especially looking forward to my late class, up in the crow’s nest of the oldest building on our campus. “Kirksey Old Main” dates from 1911, our inaugural year. It used to house just about everything, classrooms and administrators alike. Never taught there before. A new venue is always fun.

And unlike the kids who commented on Foursquare (Finding then walking to the fourth floor suckkkkkssss”), I’ll enjoy the hike. Then I’ll check out the facilities.

“The 4th floor bathrooms have often been known to bend space and time, as well as teleport occupants to new dimensions.” 

This building cannot be said to exist in accordance with the known laws of space and time.”

I’m skeptical about that.

Every class in here is boring.”

That too.

In any event, our class will follow the ambiguous advice of James Watson: avoid boring people.

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