Full of possibilities

Strong reports yesterday from Team Why Not on Calvin & Hobbes, and the Philosoraptors on Epicureanism. “Have No Fear” might be the best summary takeaway from both, though of course fear can be your friend when it’s not purely groundless. I still contend that our heroes’ real-life namesakes (John & Thomas) were committed to philosophies shorn of real possibility: reductive materialism, authoritarianism, determinism, predestination. (John Calvin said if we’re damned we’re damned, and if not we’re just undeservedly lucky. Even innocent little newborns deserve whatever hellfire they may get?! Nothing sweet and cuddly there.)

But, whatever gets us out and exploring. The last C&H ran during the holiday season of Older Daughter’s birth, when she was just two months old. There was no room in my heart, in those magical days, for hellfire and damnation. Nor in Bill Watterson‘s either, I think. And look: he’s back!

Calvin and Hobbes

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