They do really suck. “The professional fireworks display is an exercise in pomposity, aggression, triumphalism, and hubris.” And primitivism, and environmental assault. The display we saw in Missouri the other night wasn’t even visually interesting, at least from our distant vantage in my step-Mom’s church parking lot. But that didn’t stop droves of gawkers from clogging the streets and adding their own fossil fumes to the toxic mix, to get there and see it. 

Then I saw this. Kinda chilling to realize how cheap and easy it’s become for even private citizens to put a potentially-snoopy eye in the sky above us. But, “visually interesting” for sure. 

Pretty lights can hypnotize. The most impressive, of course, are on offer every night just over the horizon. They don’t cost a thing, and they don’t poison our little bubble of biosphere. You do have to move away from the city lights to really see ’em, though.

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