Properly back

The Southwest flight back from our island getaway was days ago, but only this morning do I find myself compelled by clock and calendar to snap back to what is known by the impoverished collective imagination as Reality.

The reality is: Younger Daughter begins her first day of the Fall (!) semester at her new school in about an hour. She got her driver’s permit earlier this summer, so she’ll be driving me for a change. But I’m going.

So it’s up again, old heart, an hour before dawn. This is good! As she said, almost running me over on my way to the coffeepot: “I’m up at 5:04! This is going to take a lot of getting used to!!”

It is, but we’ll adapt. Just allow me to indulge one last H.G. Wells-inspired summer’s moment at seaside, where he said the trick is not to think. I’d just about mastered that trick.But HGW also said…

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“It cannot be always seaside, even as it cannot be always May, and through the gaps thought creeps in.” 

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