The Wall

5:45/5:29, 75/91. Today is Juneteenth, “Freedom Day” or “Emancipation Day,” commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed on this date. It’s the birthday of Blaise Pascal, “torn between a spiritual life and a scientific one,” whose famous wager is less than scientific. And courageous “blaspheming” novelist Salman Rushdie is 68 today. WA

Had yet another delightful night at the ballpark, with another friend & colleague from school. The home team absorbed another tight loss, this time to Omaha, despite the cool retro ’40’s-era Nashville Vols uniforms they sported. But that was more than offset by convivial conversation and cheap “Throwback Thursday” beer.

Before the game we strolled the Wall of History at the nearby Bicentennial Mall, created in 1996 to celebrate Tennessee’s two-hundred years of statehood. The Wall is a 1,400 foot long series of words cast in granite, bounded by a series of imposing monoliths to mark each decade. But the most surprising thing about the Wall, this being Tennessee after all, is its honest acknowledgement of pre-history. The land we now occupy was here, it admits, long before our state, our schools, our churches…

and our continuing denial of scientifically established truth.
(Thanks to Matt, apparently a science-denier himself, who posted these and other images of the Wall. All the inscriptions are here.)
Inherit the Wind (1960)-What Happened to Reason? (YouT)… Darwin’s Dangerous Idea [Darwin and philosophy… Darwin@dawnevolutionDennettMatthew ChapmanScopes TrialLoyal Rue]

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