Signifying nothing

In an alternate universe we’re at Stratford-upon-Avon today, walking with Will Shakespeare, 400 years gone now. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

In an even better alternate universe we’re not waking up this morning from the most farcical political theater ever staged by an American presidential nominating convention. Drumpf’s preposterous silhouette-and-fog entrance. Mrs. Drumpf plagiarizing the First Lady’s 2008 convention speech on honesty and integrity, after explicitly lying about it to a live television audience. Rudy Giuliani, sputtering nonsense and threatening to spit out his teeth. The Duck Hunter guy. Wave after wave of ridiculous misinformed bluster about the country’s dark decline.

It was all so bizarre and yet, in this unhinged season, from this gonzo cast of misfits and con artists, so sadly predictable. What poor players, strutting and fretting and making a mockery of their hour on the big stage. We desperately need the Bard to translate this absurd moment into suitable tragicomic nonsense we can briefly enjoy.

The guy who put lipstick on the pig is remorseful, at least.

Thankfully, we at least got the real Colbert back for a fleeting moment, and his rusticating pal Jon Stewart.

And thankfully it’s all an idiot’s tale soon to be heard no more. Just not soon enough.

6:15/5:46, 79/92/72, 8:00

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