Star Trek Beyond was great fun. It’s always a deep delight to revisit the franchise that’s given us a hopeful future since 1966. The dual dedication to Anton Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy was sad and poignant. Idris Elba’s villain’s misuse of life-extending technology underscored the point: the time of our mortal lives is necessarily bounded, “forever” is not for us.

I’m still struggling, though, to make sense of the whole Spock/Admiral Spock duality. The young Commander learns that the future version of himself has died. It’s a lesson with profound personal implications, to be sure. But how is it possible for any “logical” thinker not to have known it already?

As Spock is continually re-learning, it’s probably best not to overthink such things. LLAP.

5:40/5:51, 76/94/74,7:56

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