What philosophy’s for, and introducing the Anthropocene

In CoPhi today, we explore our respective definitions of philosophy-I like James’s “unusually stubborn attempt to think clearly.” We solicit favorite philosophers (my current top 5: James, John Dewey, John Stuart Mill, David Hume, and Bertrand Russell), and try to summarize our personal philosophy of life. No one will be pithier than Sally James: “No!

 And, those who read Just Mercy over the summer or attended convocation will tell us what they thought of it. 

And, we’ll discuss William James’s Pragmatism lecture 1, the School of Life’s What’s Philosophy for?, and the opening of Kurt Andersen’s Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire, a 500-Year History.

(Recommended: LISTEN: What is Philosophy? and Who’s Your Favourite Philosopher? (PB Philosophy Bites). Also recommended, if you need help articulating your personal philosophy: Look on the This I Believewebsite for essays you like, and post links to them; and this; TIB II)

In Environmental Ethics today, it’s the first two chapters of Erle Ellis’s Anthropocene: A Very Short Inttroduction. Listen… and watch

And because I’ve been talking up the peripatetic way of philosophizing, we’ll do as much of this on the grounds of our lyceum as weather and will permit.


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