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A new metaphor

June 12, 2013

Sometimes, particularly in summer, I surprise myself at the end of a walk by deciding, impulsively and unpremeditatively, to just do something I’ve been putting off forever.

Yesterday morning I strolled home and suddenly decided to just clean out that unnavigable overstuffed “potting shed.” Told myself it would take just a few minutes. Of course, it ended up taking hours. And of course, yesterday was the first really summery day we’ve had here. It hit 90 before I was through. (And oh how good the pool felt, at last!)

Removed a large, mostly empty large wooden crate my Dad gave me many years ago (after confiscating it from a negligent renter). I used to keep dogfood in it, lately it’s been home to spiders and empty space.

Also removed that large platform I got from I don’t recall where, that I imagined I’d someday repurpose as a daybed for my Little House.

Now they’re both down the hill in the dog barn, to gather new coats of dust and house the next generations of spiders.

Threw away a ton of forgotten stuff, including a few broken pots. Younger Daughter’s moldy old Hannah Montana purse, and her doll stroller. Kept the little red wagon.

And a light bulb came on: the rapacious rabbits won’t eat elevated potted petunias, will they?

So now I have a “clean” shed and a fresh planting project. “A fresh seed sewn on the ground of the discussion,” Wittgenstein might have said.

And a new metaphor. Gretchen Rubin says projects are better than journeys. I like both.


Postscript, 6.13.13-

My new Project. Move over @michaelpollan. (Thanks for the inspiration @gretchenrubin!)


Hercules slow & steady

June 11, 2013

A small daily taskmaster is (said the Victorian Trollope) stronger and more accomplished than a “spasmodic Hercules.”

At my steadiest I’m no Hercules, but I am good at hewing to a routine. Slim line between that and a rut, some may say, but slow and modestly steady is still the most reliable strategy anybody’s devised for getting things done. Beats procrastination, anyway.

Maria continues picking at the theme of daily self-discipline, with wise words from Gretchen Rubin.

You’re much more likely to spot surprising relationships and to see fresh connections among ideas, if your mind is constantly humming with issues related to your work. When I’m deep in a project, everything I experience seems to relate to it in a way that’s absolutely exhilarating. The entire world becomes more interesting.

Again, though, the exhilaration reflects one’s predisposition to care. The author’s task is to make readers care too. That’s harder.

But there’s no time like the present for trying. Latest Stone piece notwithstanding, Nike strikes the right slogan. Just do it, Hercules.