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August 31, 2010

Another Opening Day for Intro to Philosophy, another journey of enlightenment before what we hope will be a soft and not-yet-terminal landing. (That was the whale’s wish, too.)

Today is mainly for introducing all the ladies and Bruces [orig.], and clarifying what is and isn’t within the bounds of acceptable philosophical argument. Welcome to philosophy.

I like to try new things in Intro. In addition to the usual textual guides- Passion for Wisdom, Consolations of Philosophy (reviews)we’ll add Doubt: A History as a recommended supplement. Philosophy may begin in wonder but it sustains itself on intelligent skepticism.

And, this time we’re going visual with some high-toned graphic novels. OK, comic books. Logicomix: an Epic Search for Truth, and Philosophy for Beginners.

I attended a symposium in August where someone presented a (fun) paper on “Putting the Fun Back in Philosophy.” It’s almost always fun for me, but this should be fun for the class of ’14 too.

And just wait ’til midterm, when we’ll have some fun with pop culture [& more]. In sum, We’ll tolerate no stuck-up sticky-beaks here.

To those of my colleagues who may be scandalized by this approach: you’re no fun at all! .