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Dreams and escape

August 12, 2011

It feels almost cold out here this morning. Another sure reminder of summer’s finitude.

I was complaining about sticker shock yesterday, but textbooks don’t hold a candle to uninsured dental care. But I won’t complain too long and loudly about the hours the girls and I spent at Dr. F’s yesterday, thanks to the magazine article I found in her waiting room.

“The meaning of baseball, eh?” Vin Scully says. He looks at his watch—he does not have much time, the game will begin soon—and he sits down at a table in the corner of the Dodgers’ lunchroom. Scully turns 84 in November. He still spends the bulk of his summer doing the only thing he has wanted to do since he crawled under the family radio as a boy and listened to the sound of the crowd cheering. He calls Dodgers baseball games, of course, like he has since before he and the team moved from Brooklyn to L.A. in 1958.

“Dreams and escape,” Scully says after a short pause. The words sound triumphant. All words sound triumphant when Vin Scully says them…

True. This is half a century old, and I can still tune him in just about every night in summer. He hasn’t changed a bit. I dreamed about Mrs. Sandy Koufax last night, reading “Go the [Bleep] to Sleep.” Really. Then, about a Taoist who kept repeating the mantra “Accept the world.” Despite its imperfections.

What a great game. A grand old game. “Baseball’s biggest problems, like those of us with thinning hair, seem to happen whenever it tries to act young.” Nice line, Joe Posnanski. And nice closing insight from your old Dad:

“They’re sending you around to the country to find the meaning of baseball?” he asked.

“Something like that,” I said. He looked at me with a mix of disbelief and wonder…

“Well, baseball is fun, right?” he said.