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Back on solid planks

June 10, 2012

I’m breaking my normal Sunday morning silence to celebrate an early Father’s Day gift. I’ve been complaining for years about the ramshackle state of my Little House back porch, where I used to get a lot of work (and non-work) done, and had finally stopped visiting it altogether.

But recently I rediscovered the charm of its location: woodsy privacy just far enough from the big house, away from the hum of central air conditioning, out of neighbors’ visual range, etc.

So, my last several posts have been made physically precarious and literally out of square.

But this morning, thanks to the surprise arrival yesterday of a couple of skilled hired carpenters hauling a load of fresh pine, I’m back on the level. Literally, anyway. My stoa is restored, better than it was before.

Thanks, family! Sometimes it’s still good to be Dad.

All I’m saying

May 2, 2012

This will be very brief, I really must get on with my stack of grading. But for the record:

This was the first pre-dawn of the season warm enough (71) to entice me straight from bed out into the darkness. Here I sit on my Little House porch, in the exquisite wooden glider my wonderful spouse recently surprised me with, surrounded by birdsong, as the sun finally begins poking over the hedge.

I love the feeling of summer, even when it is premature and probably a harbinger of anthropogenic planetary disequilibrium. That’s all I’m saying this morning.